QR Crazy - Simplify daily workflows using Google Forms and QR codes

QR Crazy - Simplify daily workflows using Google Forms and QR codes
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QR codes and Google Forms can make a big difference in your classroom by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, improving efficiency, and saving valuable instructional time. Today, we talk about how google forms along with QR codes can be a game changer for your classroom.

As a teacher, one of the biggest challenges I face is managing my time effectively while also ensuring that my students get the support they need. This is where Google Forms and QR codes became a game-changer for me. By using these tools, I could simplify my daily workflows and save valuable instructional time.
To understand how Google Forms and QR codes can help, let's use a windshield-wiper analogy. 
In the past, when a student in my class needed to go out say to see their counsellor, they would have to "wipe" back and forth between their classroom and the student services office. They would sign in, go back to class if the counselor was unavailable, and then return to student services when they were called. This process wasted valuable instructional time, disrupted the classroom, and was obviously inefficient. Now, with the use of QR codes, my students simply scan the code posted in the hallway, commons, or classroom and wait for the counselor to call them when they are free. This eliminates the need for students to "wipe" back and forth and saves them valuable educational instruction time. Additionally, if a student is in crisis or has an emergency, they are still encouraged to come directly to Student Services.
Pro Tip 1 - Here’s a website that can help you easily convert your form links into a QR code. You can do that directly from your browser if you are using Google Chrome. Here’s another Youtube video that can help you understand how you get a QR code for any web link.
Using QR codes and Google Forms can also benefit teachers in other ways. For example, you can create an excel file quickly with the information collected from the QR code sign-in process, which saves time on paperwork. Teachers can also use QR codes and Google Forms in the classroom for a variety of tasks such as.
  • Sign-in/sign-out for class,
  • Club sign-ups,
  • Surveys/polls, and
  • Formative assessments.
For instance, for class sign-in and sign-out, students can scan the QR code as they enter and leave the classroom, which helps teachers keep track of attendance without interrupting the lesson. Club sign-ups can be done through QR codes posted on a bulletin board or on the classroom wall. Surveys and polls can be used to gather feedback from students on a variety of topics, such as lesson plans or classroom activities. Finally, formative assessments can be conducted through Google Forms to track student progress and provide feedback to teachers.
Pro Tip 2 - Here’s a Youtube video by another teacher on how to access form responses on a Google Sheet. It’s a short 6 min video but covers a lot of information on how you can analyse student responses in different ways
To conclude, the use of QR codes and Google Forms can streamline your daily workflows as a teacher and save you valuable instructional time. By using these tools, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork and make important processes more efficient for both you and your students. So why not give them a try and see the difference they can make in your classroom?
Thats all for today.
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Manthan Gattani
Manthan Gattani

Math teacher with 11 Years of teaching experience, Manthan has taught 10,000+ students across multiple geographies.